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Import Services,
Sales Channel Development,
and Crowdfunding

Our mission is to be the bridge between global businesses and shoppers in Japan. Through leveraging cutting-edge crowdfunding techniques, we help launch products from around the world into one of the planet’s most competitive markets.

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Our Services

Import Services

We specialize in importing unique and high-quality products from around the world to the Japanese market. We strive to provide customers with a diverse range of items not easily found in Japan.

Partnering with Businesses

We help businesses looking to expand in the Japanese market by building partnerships and providing services such as market research and sales channel development.

Utilizing Crowdfunding

We use the latest crowdfunding techniques to test market, promote and enhance the originality of the products while getting more attention in the Japanese market.

Content Localization

We provide services to localize client’s content to Japanese, such as product description and creating website for the product

Expertise in Import Business

Our partnership with Hideaki Otake, an import business consultant, ensures that products have greater success and wider reach in the Japanese market.

At Hatchy Japan,
we understand the importance of having an expert on board when it comes to driving success.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Hideaki Otake – an import business consultant and authority on maximizing product sales. With Mr. Otake lending his expertise, your products are sure to gain greater success and wider reach!

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